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MediaOptixs is a creative adverting & marketing firm assisting industry icons to create and implement effective, ongoing connections with their most valuable audiences through strategic, innovative brand-based marketing products. Our content development is unparalleled in its authenticity-driven by consumer needs and written with the unique perspective of each client we serve. Our products are designed to build customer loyalty and identify applicable solutions, while developing new opportunities to drive proven results. Our primary focus lies within: • People of Color • Diversity • LGBTQ • Youth • Health • Women

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Brand Development

MediaOptixs understands the philosophy of creative recognizable branding . We work with clients to develop a customized creative to visual communicate with target audiences using an approach that is cultural competent, current and comprehensive.

Community Engagement

Community engagement means involving community members in all activities--from identifying the relevant issues and making decisions about how to address them, to evaluating and sharing the results with the community. MediaOptixs engage community members in problem-solving solutions that affect them while utilizing cultural competency and other effective strategies to achieve clients goals and initiatives.

Social Marketing

Identify social media platform to engage community about brand and initiative. Monitor the response of your brand content and campaigns while providing insights for qualitative and quantitative data needed to develop better-targeted content and achieve more significant social media engagement and presence.

Who We Are!

MediaOptixs establish an inclusive approach strategy that trends brand’s narrative organically and cohesively across community events and social properties, MediaOptixs establishes relationships between brands and target demographics.

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